Fisheries towards sustainability

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) have jointly launched the Medfish project to carry out a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of French and Spanish Mediterranean fisheries using the MSC Fisheries Standard as a benchmark for sustainability.
This project is part of the MSC and WWF commitment towards fisheries sustainability in the Mediterranean Sea, therefore it aims to inspire replication in other countries of the region.
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Medfish project database
Medfish project database
The database below enables you to explore the information present in the pre-assessment reports and action plan documents for all the fisheries currently included in the Medfish Project.
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Download the new Medfish Impacts Report

The English version for the Medfish Impacts Report 2018 is now available. The ten-pages report summarizes the aim, methodology, results and achievements to date of the project.

2,760 Spanish and 1,400 French fishing boats operate in the Mediterranean Sea
More than 8,300 fishermen in Spain and 2,300 in France are working in the Mediterranean
The Mediterranean is home to 4%–18% of all known marine species

Project's Stages

Each stage of the project is carried out by independent accredited certification bodies and consultants. They are supported by local experts.