Gulf of lion Blackspot seabream hook and line fishery


ZONE DE PECHE : Golfe du Lion (GSA 7)

STOCK AREA: Gulf of Lion (GSA 7)


Blackspot seabream, Pagellus bogaraveo


Bottom-set longline

Vertical longline




The fishery mainly operates in PACA region with set longlines, even if some fishermen use handlines. 450 baited hooks are set per longline and put between 300 and 600 meters deep.

Fishing season takes place all year long.

VOLUME OF LANDINGS :  26 tons in 2018

FISHING FLEET : less than 30 specialized professional fishermen

LANDINGS PORTS : Toulon (TL), Nice (NI)


Pre-assessment results

Results of the MSC pre-assessment, conducted using the precautionary principle (bar filled = benchmark achieved). Only some of the data is presented here. For a full detail of the results, please consult the pre-assessment report.




  • National and regional management frameworks with specific management measures


  • Small size of the fishery which limits its potential  impact on the ecosystem







  • Lack of information and data on:
    – landings (including other fishing gears)
    – global stock monitoring (and initial state)
    – recreationnal fishery catches
    – fishery’s impact on the ecosystem


  • Absence of harvesting strategy


  • Lack of consultation in place between stakeholders for the decision-making on the species management


  • Control and surveillance activities at sea


> Download this fishery factsheet

> Read the pre-assessment report of the fishery