Gulf of Lions hake trawl fishery – France


ZONE DE PECHE : Golfe du Lion (GSA 7)

STOCK AREA: Gulf of Lions (GSA 7)



Hake, Merluccius merluccius


Bottom trawl


VOLUME OF LANDINGS :  1,400 tons in 2013


FLEET : 58 french trawlers in 2013


LANDINGS PORTS : Port-Vendres (PV), Sète (ST), Martigues (MT), Marseille (MA)



This fishery uses bottom trawling; cone-shaped nets are dragged across the sea floor by one or two boats.

It operates year-round in the Gulf of Lions, in Languedoc-Roussillon and in PACA.

Pre-assessment results

Results of the MSC pre-assessment, conducted using the precautionary principle (bar filled = benchmark achieved). Only some of the data is presented here. For a full listing of the results, please visit the Medfish website.




  • Stock is scientifically monitored
  • Information available on stock caught by gear and by fleet
  • Trawl management plan in place which defines a target level of fishing mortality for each fishery (FRMD)
  • Significant decline in fishing activities
  • GALION project: mapping of catches and discards, study on the selectivity of fishing gears, definition of sensitive and at risk habitats, recommendation of fishing strategies to limit discards
  • Stock at an intermediate level of abundance, low recruitment and biomass
  • Current fishing mortality is much higher than target fishing mortality for each fishery
  • Minimum legal size is larger than mean size at sexual maturity
  • Further reduction of fishing activities but too early to assess impact on stock levels

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