Mar menor caramote prawn trap fishery



ZONE DE PECHE : Mer Menor (GSA6)

STOCK AREA: Mer Menor (GSA6)



Caramote prawn, Melicertus kerathurus


Trap net (charamita)


This prawn fishery uses traditional trap nets known as “paranzas” or “charamitas”.

The nets consist of a guide net, known as “traviesa” that leads fish into a mesh pocket called “moruna”. The trap net is kept stable in the water column by floats attached to the top and weights attached to the bottom portion.

It operates in Mar Menor, a lagoon that borders the Mediterranean Sea in the Spanish region of Murcia, at a depth of approximately 2m.

Due to seasonal restrictions, fishing takes place only between May 1st and July 10th and between September 10th and November 15th.

Pre-assessment results

Results of the MSC pre-assessment, conducted using the precautionary principle (bar filled = benchmark achieved). Only some of the data is presented here. For a full listing of the results, please visit the Medfish website.



  • Small-scale fishery, adaptive and informal management possible 
  • Gear used has low impact on seabed
  • Little-known stock levels
  • Biological stock limits and management zone are to be defined 
  • No adapted management strategy in place
  • Problems concerning availability and reliability of data

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