Motril and other ports striped soldier shrimp trap fishery


ZONE DE PECHE : Partie septentrionale de la mer d'Alboran (GSA 1)

STOCK AREA: Northern Alboran Sea (GSA 1)



Striped soldier shrimp, Plesionika edwardsii




The striped soldier shrimp fishery uses funnel-shaped plastic traps with a hole that allows prey to enter but restricts their escape. These traps are baited with meat and attached to the sea floor, usually at night.

Most catches and landings take place in the eastern coastal regions of Andalusia, especially in the port of Motril, which accounts for more than 50% of Andalusian landings.

Pre-assessment results

Results of the MSC pre-assessment, conducted using the precautionary principle (bar filled = benchmark achieved). Only some of the data is presented here. For a full listing of the results, please visit the Medfish website.



  • Selective gear with low impact on marine habitats, endangered, threatened or protected species and unwanted by-catch
  • Prohibition on landing other types of fish caught by traps
  • No stock assessment 
  • Insufficient knowledge about stock status
  • No mechanism in place for appropriate control of exploitation rates in response to stock levels
  • Availability of data on landings

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