Stage 2: Pre-assessments

Stage 2: Pre-assessments

Stage 2 will last from mid-2016 to late 2016.

Using data collected during the previous stage, 7 selected fisheries per country (14 in total) will be pre-assessed with regards to the MSC Standards by the independent certification bodies. Our objective is to identify the area where improvements are needed to achieve the MSC sustainability level.

Find out more about each of the 14 selected fisheries: Fisheries on the move

What’s a MSC pre-assessment?

During a MSC pre-assessment, certifiers and local experts evaluate, at a provisional level, a fishery’s performance against the MSC fisheries standard. This allows any potential issues in a fishery’s performance to be identified, and enables potential fishery clients to improve and prepare accordingly for a full assessment.


Stage 2 reports detail the pre-assessment for 7 Spanish and 7 French fisheries.