Stage 3: Action Plans

Stage 3: action plans

Stage 3 was carried out in 2017.

To fill the gaps identified during Stage 2, action plans were developed with the selected fisheries. When possible and relevant, formal Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) might be implemented.

The building of market-fisheries partnerships is encouraged by the project partners, as a tool to encourage the implementation of the action plans.

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  • They draw upon market forces (e.g., suppliers, retailers, food service, fishing industry, etc.), to motivate fishery improvements
  • They have a workplan with measurable indicators and an associated budget (i.e., FIP Action Plan)
  • There is explicit willingness from participants to make improvements (e.g., a signed memorandum of understanding, email correspondence stating a commitment, etc.)
  • There is willingness from participants to make investments required for improvements as outlined in the workplan and budget; and
  • There is a system for tracking progress.


Stage 3 reports detail bespoke sustainability reviews for 7 Spanish and 7 French fisheries and describes a bespoke sustainability roadmap for each of them.